• Define Award

    Define criteria for award of your scholarship scheme or bursary

  • Receive Applications

    Receive applications and sort candidates based on award criteria

  • Conduct CBT

    Conduct Computer based test and screen candidates based on criteria

  • Award Candidates

    Award scholarship or bursary to qualified and deserving candidates

Scholarship and Bursary Management Solution

Dragnet Solutions Limited, through its Scholarship and Bursary unit is pioneering the adoption of Scholarship and Bursary Management solution which is about using information technology (IT) to automate and enhance the scholarship and bursary process, making it objective, transparent and audit-able. Our Scholarship Management technology is every scholarship’s board dream solution. Our bespoke solutions facilitate a smooth transitioning from a manual to an automated process. Our back to back support system ensures that everyone is carried along from applicants to Scholarship administrators via our client care and candidates care channels. Our products and services includes;

Adverts based Scholarship

Majority of Dragnet’s Scholarship assignments are advert based and involve publicly advertising a well documented award or grant specification with as much details as possible. A scholarship web portal is deployed for the process where interested candidates go to apply. All screening and selection takes place in line with the award requirements.

Busary management solution

The Bursary Scheme of every state or group is to support the education of indigenes of that state or group for the general development of the nation and specific growth of the human value of the state. Because we understand that education is key to the progress of any economy, we have taken a special interest in investing value to the Bursary management system.

Pre-Scholarship Award Testing

Dragnet offers clients a variety of tests that can be deployed in assessing a candidate’s cognitive ability. Dragnet tests range from general aptitude tests to function specific assessments that test discipline related knowledge. Dragnet’s tests are deployed as computer based tests, a marked departure from paper and pencil tests.

Verification and Re-verification

We have implemented a technology solution to manage document verification and claims nationally and international. With a team of trained and reputable agents, the origin of every claim is investigated to ensure consistency. This is a very important function in the administration of awards to ensure that only qualified candidates get the grant.